Floating Pontoon for Rowing

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight: Each cube 6kg (±5%)
  • Material: HDPE / LLDPE polyethylene
  • Cube dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 25cm (LxWxH)
  • Colors: Grey or Blue, Black, other colors available upon order
  • Buoyancy: 65kg / cube
  • Maximum freight capacity: 260 kg / m2
  • Hotel facilities / Camping / Public organized beaches / Marinas
  • Docks for mooring boats
  • Easy access docks for hard to access beaches.
  • Swimming platforms.
  • Swimming pool delimitation and other watersports.
  • Walking docks, recreation, events.
  • Delimitation of sea borders.
  • Lifeguard unit platforms.
  • Water parks, recreation areas.
  • Technical gardens in the water.
  • Water ski schools, windsurfing, etc.
  • Platforms for advertising purposes.
  • Easy access passageways / connecting one shore with the other in the sea, rivers, lakes.
  • Cages, easy access passageways in fish farming.
  • Breakwaters.
  • Diving platforms.


  • Quick & easy assembly: The cubes are connected steadily and tightly between them while there is the potential of a second layer of cubes.
  • All accessories are light and easy to use.
  • The system is: Light and safe no matter the size. It is exceptionally firm, pliant, flexible, non slip, heavy weight resistant and non-corrosive.
  • Produced by resinous polyethylene of high density.
  • Endures impacts, weather conditions, the marine environment, solar radiation, and to a large number of chemical substances.
  • The discreet esthetics combined with the beautiful design of the system ensure the idea match with the already existing space.
  • Variety of accessories to fully cover all needs (ladders, sits, gateways, bollards, etc.)
  • Doesn’t need the maintenance work that the convetional docks (metal, wood) require.
  • Affordable with low buying cost and installation.
  • Environment friendly.

Implementation Examples

Construction of a dock two levels by height with half and whole cube.


The majority of the used pictures don’t constitute the company’s installations and are meant to show the variety of implementation of the same type dock.

Mooring for assembling docks / floating platforms