High balance

Μέγεθος:  6 x 2 x 1 (LxWxH)m

Υλικό: ΑΝΤΙ – UV 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin

Endless hours of inflatable fun in the sea! Excellent, secure and safe activity for parents and children!

  • TUV certification for each part of the park in accordance with EN15649.
  • UV and heat resistant material that makes the park have a lifespan of 30%-50% more, than the simple material used by the competition.
  • Dual connection systems make the whole water park very stable and resilient even in bad weather.

Advatages of our inflatable water parks

– We add reinforcing strips to all of our products, so that our items have good airtightness and last longer.

– We install a high quality air relief valve so that our items will automatically release the air to a safe level when it is warm at noon.

– For parts such as anchor rings and handles, we use a large high-frequency welding machine to weld the products rather than glue or by hand. The parts and the main body are merged so that the quality is stable and does not peel off.

– The newly developed anchor and botton anchor coupling system with which the entire marine park has no gaps and is very stable.

How to Anchor

Quality Control System

The inflatable water parks have a good quality control system to ensure stable quality and passed TUV factory audit. We keep a stable quality by using stable key engineers, having a regular training system and inspecting during the production and of the finished products.


Does it have a guarantee?

Yes, it has 2 years warranty for manufacturing defects

What is the lifespan of the inflatable water park products?

Its normal lifespan is 10 years

Is it certified?

Yes it is CE certified. Also, the production factory is TUV certified.

What is the payment method?

50% deposit, 50% upon product’s arrival

Up to what temperature does the material withstand?

The material can withstand from -20°C to +70°C

What are the advantages of these products over competition?

Their main advantage is their competitive price and the rapid depreciation, in comparison with the competition

Can an inflatable water park be designed based on the marine area and specialized toys?

Yes, let us know of the area, the water depth and the available budget and a park will be designed according to your needs