Technical Characteristics

  • Weight: Each cube 7 kg (+/- 5%)
  • Surface: 4 cubes = 1 m2
  • Material: HDPE / LLDPE polyethylene
  • Cube Dimension: (50 x 50 x 40)cm (L x W x H)
  • Colors: Grey or Blue, black, other colors available upon order
  • Buoyancy: 90 kg / cube
  • Maximum freight capacity: 360 kg / m2

The square meter includes

  • Cubes: (4) four
  • Screw: (1) one
  • Bolt: (1) one
  • Spacer: (1) one

Priced at: 300€ / Sq. meter


  • Quick & easy assembly: The cubes are steadily and tightly connected between them while there is the potential of a second layer of cubes.
  • All accessories are light and easy to use.
  • The system is: Light and safe no matter the size. It is exceptionally firm, pliant, flexible, non slip, heavy weight resistant and non-corrosive.
  • Produced by resinous polyethylene of high density.
  • Endures impacts, weather conditions, the marine environment, solar radiation, and to a large number of chemical substances.
  • The discreet aesthetics combined with the beautiful design of the system ensure the ideal match with the already existing space.
  • Variety of accessories to fully cover all needs (ladders, seats, gateways, bollards, etc)
  • Doesn’t need the maintenance work that the conventional pontoons (made of metal or wood) require.
  • Affordable with low buying cost and installation.
  • Environment friendly