The company HYDROFUN Ltd. (the “Company”) with this warranty its products (HYDROFLOAT assembled cubes and connecting pins) for each one of the floating platforms either directly sold by the Company or through our authorized representatives, the purchaser (the “customer”) discharge defective material, raw material or production processes and design floating platforms in accordance with the riles of good art at the date of production and sale.

The warranty contained herein is given by the Company provided that:

  • Acceptance of delivery of the platform with full payment of the purchase price of the floating platform, and the intention or the customer’s permission for the floating platforms installation.
  • The floating platform should be used for legitimate purposes and not commercial.
  • The floating platform is not assembled or operated in combination with other floating structures or components of third party.
  • The floating platforms have not been repaired, altered or modified, except by or with the consent of the Company.
  • The present warranty shall ease to be valid in any case within 4 years from the date of purchase of the floating platform.

Claims of the customer, in accordance with the present warranty will continue to be valid only if:

  • The customer should have immediately report allegedly defects by letter to the Company.
  • The Company is authorized to repair or replace, as its option, defective floating platforms and will constitute the recognition and acceptance of the customer that the floating platforms comply with all descriptions, samples and specifications in accordance with the instructions by the Company to the customer at the time of receipt of the order parts, connecting materials or additional materials – products.
  • In case of repairs and replacement of defective components, and additional materials – products, the customer will be responsible for any transportation costs thereof, which will arise and costs of returning defective products, spare parts or accessories of returning from and to the Company.

This warranty is limited clearly in that:

  • The Company will not be responsible for the faulty operation of the floating platform caused by misuse, negligence, bad climatic and geographical conditions i.e. damages caused by another way at the site and adversely affect the operation of the floating platform.
  • The warranty applies only to the original customer and cannot, without the express written permission of the Company, be allocated or used by third parties as a basis for the warranty.
  • Unless expressly provided herein, the Company will not be obliged or will be responsible for any loss, damage, expenses or injury of any kind, vandalism, anything associated with the installation, operation, repair, replacement, subsequent delays or negligence of floating platform or any part thereof. The maximum liability of the Company shall be limited to the replacement and repair of components of floating platform.

Except as stated above, there are not other conditions, warranties, promises, remarks or assurances or agreements regarding the floating platforms, expressly or implicitly, arising by law or otherwise.



Many manufacturers declare a warranty of a possibly longer time, which are subject to the warranty terms they provide, for this please ask to read the terms and conditions of the warranty offered. A product which is warranted for 5 years means that its lifespan is certainly multiplied.